Thursday, August 07, 2008

John Mayer concert :)

We were lucky enough to go to see JM again this year. We didn't meet him this time, but no worries... once is enough. ;) Dave and I had good seats and had a really nice time listening to the guitar gymnastics of John Mayer. Colbie Caillat and Bret Dennen opened for him... :)
Thanks to Goldie for watching Sage and Alex!! And thanks to Mandi for watching baby Gracie! It was so nice to get out for the evening!! :)

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Michelle said...

hey girl..I love your blog too! It's so fun to see old friends and al of their kids! Congrats on a third! that's exciting! I liked this post because one of my first dates with my husband was to a John Mayer concert...I bought the tickets before I met him, with the intention of taking another guy..haha..but then he came along, the other guy was old news, and the rest is history! love ya!