Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sage's 4th Birthday Party Exravaganza!

We had a water balloon toss that turned into a fight ... of course! And that is a castle cake I made for Sagey and luckily she loved it! :)

Joy School Graduation

Sage graduated from Joy School (1st year) on the 23rd of May! We had a little graduation party with all of her friends and they got hats, diploma's and fun fun fun! We are so proud!!


Dave won tickets to a Diamondbacks baseball game! It was such a fun experience to go! We brought a baseball mit and waited patiently for a ball to come our way...but no such luck! It was a fun game and our team won too!

Life with Vicki :)

Vicki (Dave's sister) invited me and the kids over for a fun day of swimming! We loved her backyard and pool! It was a very fun day. It's so nice living in the same area as family and being able to see them from time to time! :)

Rachel's Birthday 'Bash'

We went bowling for my birthday! It was fun to see the kids rolling (or throwing actually) the ball down the lane! It was a great day of haircuts for everyone except Alex (still hasn't needed a haircut) and bowling, and the traditional family birthday party at home. :) It was a great day! :) Thanks Dave!


Sage is always eager to have a picnic, so one day we packed up the picnic basket and walked over to the playground for a nice little picnic. It was nice and memorable. Alex liked eating outside...he looked shocked when we spread out the cloth and started to eat! :)

Soaking wet

Here we are at the zoo's splash pad! Dave took the day off and we had a great day as a family. :) It was really hot so the kids loved the water!


Back on May 5th we got to see Daniel! It was so good to see him's been way too long and who knows when we'll see him again? Well, it was a nice time at Jessica's house with everyone there. Sage really enjoyed seeing everyone again and playing with Hannah. :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Here are some pictures from Easter. The easter bunny was good to the kids and they had lots of fun searching for eggs. This year I told Sage about our family tradition of hiding all the eggs around stuffed animals. So the night before she arranged her stuffed animals all over the family room and in the morning she was thrilled to find baskets and eggs hidden all around her "friends". Alex really enjoyed opening the plastic eggs and eating the candy inside! It was a fun time. :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Here we are

Well, I think it's about time I started posting pictures and info about us. So here you go and let me know what you think. Dave sells cars (if you didn't know) and he recently moved to a dealership very close to home! It has been great so far. Sage is about to turn 4 (going on 14) and Alex just hit the 18 month mark allowing him to go to nursery! Unfortunately, his first sunday in nursery he bit a little boy. :( Hopefully that won't happen again. The kids keep me (rachel) very busy and entertained. It's getting to be very hot here in the valley of the heatstroke (as Jessica likes to call it) and soon it will be quite unbearable. Sage has been in Joy School this school year and is about to graduate! That will be exciting for her, I'm sure! I'm excited for her too, but not sure how we'll make it through the summer without Joyschool. I guess we'll get busy doing other things...she wants to take ballet and swim classes. And as for Alex, he's just interested in conquering new heights and discovering the trick to getting into new bottles, containers, etc. I never knew that kids his age could open child proof bottles...leave it to Alex! I'm posting some pictures (not the most recent but they're a start) so you can see how the kids look these days. Let me know what you think!