Thursday, August 07, 2008

Has it really been 2 months?!!? wow!

At Grace's 2 month checkup she weighed in at 16.2 lbs (above the
100th % percentile) and she was 23 1/4" (75th%) and her head is 15.5
(50th %)! We have no shortage of cute baby chub rolls around here! :)

I took some pictures of Gracie today. She's exactly 2 months old :) (the date on the camera is wrong...I'll have to fix that.. it's really 8-7-08 today and not 7-8-08)

Adorable smile!!

Beautiful blue eyes

So squishy!!

This was my attempt at a self-portrait of us... but unfortunately she was all pictured-out by then! But she's adorable even when she's screaming! :)

She's chunked up very nicely :) (that's her job, you know) haha

Here's our burrito baby :)

oops! the flash woke her up!

I just love little Gracie :) What did we ever do without her?!


Jeff and Michelle Galovan said...

oh ssoo cute! i cant believe shes two months already and lydia is almost one month! time flies! we have the same blanket and we love it!

Vanessa said...

She is adorable!

Rachel said...

thanks :) !!

The Lighter's said...

She's changing so much! I'm missing out on this! Give her a kiss for me! Miss you guys!