Friday, July 24, 2009

Forever... !!!

Sa-weet moves! ;) Love this!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Do you live around here?

Tonight I went to see the fireworks with the kids. We ended up on a street in a quiet neighborhood. We watched the fireworks, took lots of pictures (I'll upload those later) and it was nearing the end when Alex, looking ahead of us, starts pointing and saying 'we don't show our tummies! she is showing her tummy!' I tried to quiet him down as I noticed a twenty-something girl walking down the street in only a skimpy bikini! Yes, it is 100 degrees outside at 10pm, but really?, I thought... couldn't you put some clothes on? lol Anyway, moments later she was right in front of me talking to me. Alex still hadn't stopped saying 'we don't show our tummies!! hey, she's immodest!!' She asked me if I live around there. I told her no. She then told me that she was at a party and she wanted to go find the fireworks and no one else wanted to. So she started walking through the neighborhood to get closer to them and now she didn't know how to get back! So here is this lady, in only a bikini, with no phone, no shoes and HER TUMMY SHOWING, for crying out loud!!! Alex was horrified!! It was so funny! So after she explained to me what happened and I told her again, that I'm sorry I don't know my way around that neighborhood she started to continue on her way. Alex stopped her by saying 'you know, we don't show our tummies. It's not modest to show your tummy'!! I was in shock!! I didn't know what she'd do!! She told him 'oh I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.' (she sounded sincere... it was funny), and then she walked away. I turned around to see where she'd gone and she was turning the corner. I know she didn't come from that direction, because she hadn't passed us before. I sure hope she found her way! I would be terrified if I were in that situation. Actually, I would never be in that situation unless it was one of those dreams where you wander around searching for something and you never have enough clothes on! That was so random and strange. I actually felt worried about her. But I feel a bit better now that Alex remembered her in his prayers tonight, asking that she make it home safely to her clothes so she can cover up her tummy! I love you Alex! You are SO funny!

Happy 4th of July!!