Friday, September 14, 2007

The (long) Story

Ok, so here's the much anticipated story of how I met John Mayer :) (haha)

For as long as I can remember, I have been a big fan of James Taylor. My dad introduced his music to me when I was young. I've loved his music through thick and thin (even when my friends thought I should move on to someone more current). Well, I still love James Taylor, but a couple years ago, this James Taylor lover was suddenly caught off guard by a musician named John Mayer (JM to his biggest fans). I had heard his music on the radio back in the early 2000's (sounds weird to say that) and thought it was a bit cheesy. I never bought his music or anything until recently when I discovered the John Mayer Trio. He put together a trio with him, Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino (amazing musicians...amazing trio!). I ran into it on the internet one day and decided to take the plunge and buy the album. I LOVED IT!! I couldn't get enough. I think I drove my family (well, dave actually) crazy with my obsession for that album called TRY!. After that I decided I'd give his other albums a listen so I got some of them from the library and LOVED THEM!! I thought, Yes! a new James Taylor (well, for me at least). So in the peak of my obsession, I joined JM's fanclub, anticipating his upcoming tour and hoping to get better seats with my membership. Well, the first time around, in October of 2006, it didn't do me any good. JM came to the Glendale Arena in Arizona as a support to Tom Petty. It was a perfect match, actually, because Dave has spent most of his life being a big Tom Petty fan and so I didn't even have to convince him to go with me. :) Big plus! Since JM was only a supporting act, and not headlining, his fan club didn't hold a presale for me. :( But we still went; had not so great seats, but loved it. Fast forward to June of 2007.... JM announced an actual headlining stop here in AZ!! I was so excited. We got some great great great seats, 2nd row center, for the show and if that wasn't enough...a few weeks before the show I heard through the internet grapevine that there would be some chances for fanclub members to meet John before the shows. Well, long story short (sorry, I've never been one to tell a short story) I won!! I was 1 of 5 fan club members attending the Glendale show who was randomly picked to meet JM backstage before the show. I only found out a couple days before, when someone from the fan club called to let me know! Each of the 5 winners could bring one guest to the 'Eat and Greet'. During my time of obsessing over JM's music, I'm sorry to say that Sage has come along for the ride. She loves his music and when she found out I was going to get to meet him, she really wanted to come. So I brought Sagey to the Eat and Greet and took her to a babysitter after and picked up Dave for the concert...very complicated, I know....but well worth it! The Eat and Greet was very cool. There was a lot of waiting involved, but Sage makes everything fun :). It was fun to talk to all the 'chosen' fans and their guests and to talk to John's photographer, Katie. She was our guide through the whole ordeal. I would have to say, I had much more fun meeting Katie and talking to her than I did with meeting John.... but that's just because meeting him was way too short. He came into the room, finally, and went around to everyone, one by one, to say hi, sign something and Katie snapped a picture of them. Sage and I were last in line. Sage captured his attention from the moment he walked in the room. It was very cute. She was trying to contain herself, but couldn't...she was jumping a little and waving and said "That's John Mayer! Hi John Mayer!!" and she was giggling. So JM mimicked her, jumping and waving and giggling. It was very cute and made her night. He scored lots of points with me for being sweet to my little girl. So when he got to us, he got right down to sage's level and was off and running, talking to her. :) He signed her Eat and Greet pass and then she handed him the picture she drew of JM in concert and he thanked her and said how nice of her it was to draw him a was funny, because I had to butt in and tell him she actually wants to keep the picture as a memory and she just wanted him to sign it. :) Everyone laughed. It was cute. So he signed it and he signed 2 JM (vinyl) albums I brought and then it was picture time. I am a really big fan, and I don't know if you've ever met a musician you really admired...but let's just say I was in a wierd dream state and didn't really know what I was saying or doing. So without thinking I stood in Sage's picture with JM; not realizing "hey! If I wait a minute I can get one of my own with him!" oh well. It's cuter this way!! :) Ok Ok I know you're all thinking, wow, rachel is much dorkier than I ever imagined. haha! well, ok, you're right. I love music and meeting someone who makes the music that I love was amazing. Now if I ever were to meet James Taylor (the musician I've loved my whole life and not just a mere 2 years or so) I don't know how I'd react!! It's so silly, isn't it? To put these regular people, with extraordinary talents, on such a pedastal. I guess I'm only human.
Anyway, it was so fun to meet JM and it was so fun to share that experience with Sage. She'll remember it for the rest of her life. (and so will I). I'm so glad Dave didn't put up a fight and graciously let Sage go in his place. :) Thanks Dave. :)
After all of that hoopla...we got to go to the concert! was the best I've ever been to! I know, I haven't been to that many concerts, but I have been to enough to know that this one was amazing!! We were so close to the stage and it was so fun to be there with Dave. :)

Oh ...some of the things sage said to JM:

I love your song Gravity!! and JM responded...Oh really, because I'm going to play it for you tonight!! (too bad she wasn't there to hear it!!...but we took pictures)

Oh, I'm not going to your's just too loud. (and she didn't have a ticket)

She was determined to ask John for a ticket to his show (I was hoping she wouldn't) and luckily she decided not to. phew!

And when were were waiting in the back room (that was attached to a bathroom/locker room type place) for JM to show up, Sage suggested everyone hide in the bathroom and when John showed up we could all jump out and say "surprise"!! haaha! she's so cute...but no one else was up for it (she did it anyway, by herself)

Ok so there it is. I'm not going to edit it...I'll just put it out there. :) It was fun and I'm so glad I got to meet one of my favorite singers/musicians. :) Thanks Local 83 ;)

Here is JM admiring his TRY! album before he signed it :) (and sage, just giggling) :)

Below is a picture of our Eat and Greet group, in the shower. Thanks Katie :)



jhawk1276 said...

Ummm...yes, you are a big dork. But that's why I love you! What a great story! And I love Sage's picture of the concert. How cute.

Michelle said...

That is GREAT! What a fun story, and what a cool thing for your daughter! I think JM will be famous for quite a while, and she'll always be able to tell people about that experience. how cool! I'll email you back about all the other stuff!