Sunday, September 30, 2007

A good one

I was just looking through some of my pictures and saw this one of my mom and dad. I really like it. They are in Russia on a mission and I miss them. Write soon, Mom and Dad!! :)
love, Rachel


Hules said...

What a sweet photo! Man, it looks like most of your brothers & sisters blog. How cool is that?

How long have your parents been serving in Russia? Hmm, maybe I should have my husband be more cautious of all these strange languages he learns... I mean, your parents went to Russia, so who knows where we could end up someday.

Margo said...

So I am slow to check on everyones blogs. I just love this picture of your parents. I was thinking of them. I hope that things are going well for them. I love getting a little peak in on your life. Hey, i might just have to plan a trip to visit all my friends in warm climates. It is really starting to get cold here. I totally forgot you guys were in AZ. Sure must beat those cold Ohio winters. Talk to you soon...