Monday, April 12, 2010

too long...

It's been way too long since I've updated. I'll just jump in with some pictures :)

Sage LOVES to cook/bake!!!

Here's Gracie 'painting' rocks (a suggestion from Michelle that is ingenious!!) :) She loved it!!

The lineup

Posing in front of a Magnetix creation :)

Alex is always building something!

We have really enjoyed the cooler winter months and are sad to see them come to an end. We have given the AC some pre-season use already! Life keeps us pretty busy! Sage is almost done with 2nd grade and she takes piano lessons!! Alex missed the cut-off date for Kindergarten, so he's been home keeping me busy and playing with Gracie. Grace talks so much (!) and is so active and just a joy! We all love her so much. She'll be 2 in a little over a month, and I can't believe it. We moved in March, so I'm actually kind of still recovering from that. I don't enjoy that much change (and stress) at once, but luckily it all turned out well. We moved only about 1 mile down the road so we could stay in the same ward and keep Sage at the same school as before. We really like our new home and feel extremely blessed to have found it. What a relief. So many wonderful friends helped us with packing, moving out/moving in, setting up beds, moving around furniture, bringing us food... the list goes on and on. We talked about service today in Relief Society and ladies were taking turns going up to the front and telling a service someone has done for them... I have countless blessings. It's so interesting to me that when we have the most trials, we also seem to have the most blessings... 'my cup runneth over' for sure.
As for Dave and I, we have been trying to be good parents to these very strong spirited and energetic (difficult!??) kids. I really hope I am doing it right! Dave is getting ready to leave for 4 months for a new summer job. I'm excited he'll be working with my friend Michelle's husband... again, blessings, blessings blessings! We are excited about the potential this job holds for our family and hope Dave does well. He's just finishing up a few things here and then he'll be on his way. We will really miss him and I panic hourly at the realization that I will be on my own with these 3 kids! I am outnumbered for sure!! yikes! And I (Rachel) am still doing data entry (it's been almost a year and a half now) twice a week and have been babysitting a sweet 3 yr old boy once or twice a week. I spend my days juggling the kids and all the other responsibilities a mom has. I got a child seat for my bike a few weeks ago and have loved riding it all around with Grace. She loves going out for bike rides and I do too. Also, I have been making cleaning supplies. Some may think I'm nuts, but I'm having fun with it, learning and will be saving money in the long run so that's a good thing, right? Maybe I'll post some recipes and pics of the cleaners I've been making some time.

I have plenty more pictures I should post, but for now, this will have to do!
Have a great day! :)


Vanessa said...

Loved the update! The kids are getting so big and CUTE!

Hang in there being all alone. You are a great mom and will do great!

Jenna Eve said...

I thought this blog was dead! Oh post the cleaning supplies that sounds interesting. I am glad you guys are all settled and I am so glad you stayed in the ward.

Our Comfy~ Cozy Life!!!! said...

Welcome back...missed you!!!!

Hules said...

Wow, they have really grown! Your little baby's already painting! Rocks... That is ingenious. We'll have to try that with my toddler too.

Sage is quite a little lady. Don't you just blink and they're old enough to really understand life?

... And I have to say, 4 months!!!! My husband just got back from a 1 week business trip & I thought that week was hard. You'll do fine managing all the kids, I'm sure. Nights were the hardest thing for me. Thank goodness for cell phones & IM, eh?