Sunday, May 10, 2009

Photos = Happiness!

Grace and her best friend, Kendal (the Photographer's daughter)! They are so cute together! Unfortunately, they just moved away.
:( We miss them already!

So curious...

My best helper; sweetie :)

There is a nice, calm, gentle boy inside of Alex, somewhere.. here is a shot of when his 'good side' came out for a moment!

My babies :) who aren't babies anymore! Sage is turning 7 tomorrow!

My wonderful friend, Emily, took these gorgeous pictures of my kids this week! I LOVE them so much! If you look at the top right of my sidebar you can see a slideshow of many more pictures from that Happy Day!! :)

So, what do you think?


it's just lisa said...

Wow! Your kids are beautiful!!

jenna and kreed said...

Sage looks just like you in that shot. Cute pics and I love Gracie's arm rolls

Hules said...

These photos are amazing. My favorite thing about them is the natural lighting & the classic expressions on their faces. Your kids are all so beautiful!