Monday, March 09, 2009

It's been so long...

Gracie is now 9 months old! And I haven't posted new pictures of her for so long... you might not even recognize her! She has changed so much and is such a joy! Here are some pictures my friend, Emily, took of Grace about a month ago... Thank you Emily! These pictures have made me so happy! :)
I hope to do some catch-up posting very soon... but here's a quick list of Grace's current new tricks! (everything she's been up to since I last posted)
pulling up to a stand
eating solids
saying things like: ba ba, da da, ma ma (occasionally)
and lots of squealing and random cute sounds!
oh and she finally moved from the pak n play in our room to her actual crib at about 8 months old (she's so grown up, sharing a room w/ her big sister!)... ok I'll admit it, I was the one who didn't want her to make the move!.. but I finally gave in to the inevitable!
How did life ever exist before Grace?? :)


Jeff and Michelle Galovan said...

Your right its has been wayyyyy tooo LONG!! I have missed you and Im glad your back in the blogging world!!! Grace is ADORABLE!!! Soooo pretty!

it's just lisa said...

Those are cute pictures:) Her hair is getting long.


Noelle said...

i just saw your comment on my blog. thank you! bruce says hi! always a fun treat to catch up with old friends. your kids are DARLING! see you around. ;)

drewandsteph said...

Holy cow, Rach! She's adorable! Those pictures make you just want to squeeze her! So cute!

Mel said...

Your family is adorable! What a cute blog!