Monday, November 10, 2008

I Love Coupon $ense!!

I just have to shout it from the rooftops that I LOVE COUPON SENSE!!!

I few months ago I finally, after hearing people talk about coupon sense for years, took the plunge and joined coupon sense to see if it's all everyone tells me it is. Well, it is.

I have had many great shopping trips, thanks to my instructor and friends (who tell me how to get the best deals)... but I think today's trip was, by far, the best!

Ok, so here's what I got:

2 bags of cheetos
2 gallons of milk
3 containers of Tylenol (24 count in each, I think)
3 10 packs of disposable razors
3 Dial hand soap pumps
2 boxes of Swiss Miss hot chocolate
2 boxes of Zatarains rice mix
1 3Liter Arrowhead water
3 boxes of Hefty ziploc bags
5 boxes of Betty crocker mashed potato mixes
6 cans of carnation evaporated milk

Drum roll please.... I got all of this for a total of $1.39 !!!!
(yes, that includes tax)!!!!
I saved a total of 98.42 % WOW
If if you're talking dollars and cents... I saved $87.12!!

Seriously, you really should look into coupon sense. The savings are ridiculous!!

Oh and if you end up joining, please mention my name (Rachel Peacock from Arizona). :)

I think I'm going to go back today for another round of savings!!


Vanessa said...

Holy crap, Rach! That is awesome, I'll have to check it out!

Jeff and Michelle Galovan said...

Wow! OK that is so amazing! You totally need to teach me how you do that! Do you simply join and they teach you how to do it?

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

wow that's incredible

Wilks Family said...

Nice work! My little coupon sense friend has grown so much! Let me wipe away a tear of joy from you saving so much money!!!! Miss you!

Missy Burrows said...

I am so bummed...we do not have this in our area!!!!