Friday, February 29, 2008

Porter in L.A.?

We have a bunny named Porter :) Here he is:

He's a good boy and stays in his cage... no escaping at night, that I know of.
But then I came across this picture while browsing some blogs...

and here's a close up of it:

Porter... you have a twin in LA. Who knew? haha! They seriously look identical!!

Apparently, this guy was out shopping and walking around with his bunny perched on his shoulder!! That is some serious bunny training!! Wow! We could never do that with Porter. Cute :)


Vanessa said...

Who knew you had a famous bunny?!!!

Hules said...

Wow, leave it to you to find a real bunny for Easter! You have such a great blog! I love all your photos. Your kids are just so cute!