Saturday, August 25, 2007

Now what?

So now that Sage is in school all day, Alex and I have been spending lots of time together. He really misses her and asks if we can pick her up, many times throughout the day. But when he's not thinking about sissy, he likes to have lots of fun with Mama!

Here he is, licking the spatula...his favorite part of making brownies!

I love his smile! and his silliness!

I love my little boy :)


Hules said...

Oh, Look at that chocolate face! He is SO adorable... those curls, those big blue eyes. What a charmer!

Rachel said...

thanks, julia :) :) yep, he's a charmer! (when he's not busy being a terror! hahah!)

Allison said...

Hey guys... it was great to see you over the summer. We were excited to see Sage starting kindergarten... wow how time flies!!

Adam C. said...

That looks like some kind of peanut butter and chocolate concoction. If that is the case, I'm totally jealous of him.