Monday, September 11, 2006

Congratulations Dave!

Dave recently won a contest with Suzuki! They took the total Suzuki sales from July and August and in the Western Region (the western 1/2 of the United States), Dave ranked #1!!!!
I am so proud of him and just wanted to brag, on his behalf!
As a reward, Suzuki has paid for a flight (for the top 5 from each region) to Las Vegas for 3 days and he gets to stay in a luxurious :) hotel while he's there! And to top it all off, the kids and I are going along! It will be a fun trip for all of us! While he's in Las Vegas, he'll be able to preview a new Suzuki model that's coming out next year!
Congratulations to You, Dave!!
You're the best!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave! That sounds unbelievably hard! It's hard enough to be the top seller at a dealership or in one state, but winning for the whole Western U.S. is something else. You are quite the salesman! Sales appears to be your thing!


Rachel said...

Thanks Jeremy.

Rachel said...

That thank you, above, was from Dave...logged in under my name...just so you know!

(thanks Jeremy!)

Anonymous said...

That's great! Congratulations. I hope you all have fun on your trip.